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PhoneBoxStreetSmallIt’s easy to read through the posts and pages on sites such as LinkedIn and harvest some fine points on the intricacies of management, business development, social media marketing and so on. There are a huge number of well respected, successful, global experts that are very free with some absolutely invaluable advice that frankly you would be lucky to learn in the halls of some of the finest business schools in the world.

There is a different approach however, which is that if you can do the basics in an exceptional way, keeping your customer at the heart of everything that you do, you are building a very solid foundation for your business that can be developed in a stable way.

Taking control and achieving success this way is not very sexy. It doesn’t grab headlines. For the most part however we are not setting up the next Unicorn company that will grow 100x in 12 months and be bought by Google. For the most part we are building stable, successful companies that will grow with customers that trust you as their solutions provider.

That isn’t to say that these outfits should be sluggish and bound by process either, they can be agile and adaptable relying on proven ways of working, measured and managed across the business.