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Spoiler alert: It isn’t your excellent customer service.

I had this dialogue with a client recently.

“Our USP is our excellent customer service.”

“So is [competitor A]’s and they’re cheaper.”

“But ours is so much better!”

How do you qualify that? What does that mean in commercial terms to the customer? How does your customer justify paying more for a near identical service?

That’s not to say that your customer service isn’t excellent, it probably is, but the thing is, most of your competitors offer excellent customer services. Some might even say, (well me really,) that it’s a hygiene factor. Not many customers are going to return to a company that offers them poor customer service. So if we agree that it’s common within your industry, it’s not really unique.

And if your USP isn’t unique, it doesn’t single you out as a company to work with. There needs to be so much more. The intangible benefit that the customer gains from dealing with you needs as much attention as the products and services that you offer.

It’s true that customer service is going to play an enormous part of that and shouldn’t be dismissed, but consider the depth of your industry insight and your knowledge. How about your company’s record on responding to changing circumstances or your sales teams personal touch? What about your firm’s credibility and innovative approach when working with the customer to provide solutions? Put that into language that your customer understands and can relate to.

Your unique approach to solving your customer’s headaches is your USP. Find that and get noticed.