Caution – Construction ahead

Hi all, I just wanted to replace the placeholder WP post with something a bit more organic and a little less tutorial-like. As you probably can guess by all the default blocks and the half-assed styling, I’m still very much in the process of coming to grips with the CMS and getting this thing off the ground (my partner is busy dealing with her last stretch of uni work while I’m in *short* vacation, so I’m soloing this for the time being), but we’ll get there… eventually.

So, what to expect from this? Pretty much anything! We are still kind of figuring out where we want to take it, but this will be most likely a place where we post bits and pieces of stuff we are working on at the moment, side-projects, personal rumbles and rambles. You know, blog stuff. We’ll also be linking stuff with GitHub eventually, so you guys can also tinker and have a look at some goodies, but that’ll have to wait till we have a bit more of content/time.

Till then, take care y’all.